Ride Hard Ride fast

Be apart of our family

Nu Realms  NOMADS M.C

We are a mixed race club we where found in 1971 in  Santo Domingo Dominican Republic we are a 1%er club .We wear a 3 piece  patch we dont support  Any club  nor a 99%er  club or brotherhood  patch we only look for men who are real men not punks.Our club colors are black and white we stand for pride respect and loyality if you aren't what we are looking for then dont take it personal every body isn't ment to be a 1%er.We are looking for men who want be in a family and a good brotherhood .All men Must be riding a 750 or higher .If you think you have what it takes to be apart of our family feel free to contact us. We are a Nomadic club we do not clame any area of location. we get along with those who get along with us we respect all our 1%er brothers no matter what race you are join our family and stand for something that is true.Sign Our  Guest Book We have More pics And Videos too add as soon as possible


Brother today  brothers tomorrow brothers  intell the end